JunJun Listening To MM While Exercising

2 Jul



(Father Jun, happy Father’s Day_.  Thank you father for your first-rate genes.  Also at the same time I want to wish all of the fathers of the world happy Father’s Day.)





(Haha_..  Lots of times blind dating programs send me and my boyfriend messages asking whether or not my boyfriend or I want to be a part of a blind dating program.  Well…You are following my blog.   And not following my boyfriend’s.)

The joke is the blind dating program is trying to get JunJun or her boyfriend to go on their show, but they are already in a relationship.



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(Every time I get tired from exercise and feel as if I soon won’t be able to continue anymore_ In the space between exercise routines I always will go by myself to the treadmill.  I’ll slow and listen to Morning Musume.  Their songs really recharge my batteries.  When I’m listening to familiar voices I think about familiar scenes within my mind.  At that time when I was a member with everyone on and off the stage, dripping with sweat.  [Japanese]  Then continue to do your best! [Japanese])




#纯保养#_生活基础打底.。自己的基础打底就两步•1.左隔离.「夏」或中隔离.「冬」..2.右散粉.。只用粉刷轻轻刷一层就好[鲜花]出来的效果就是介样啦.. 好啦.之后的生活妆容和舞台打底.妆容什么的慢慢来哈[耶]
(#Pure Maintenance#, Life’s foundation under-painting.  The way I do foundation under-painting is within two steps.   1.  On the left, “isolator”.  {Summer}   Or the “isolator” in the center.  {Winter} ..2.   On the right, loose powder.  Just put a little bit on and it’s fine.  The result looks like this.  Okay. This under-painting is for daily life and for the stage.   Beauty and what not will slowly arrive.)

Yeah, I don’t know about make-up so I’m not sure what isolator is or what specially loose powder is.





(So really, can I or can’t I use flight mode on the airplane?  If I can’t_  Then why invent flight mode?  Every time the flight attendant tells me to turn off my cellphone I’m always at a loss for a long period of time…)




(Children._  Happy Duanwu Festival Day.  Right now my preference is for meat Zongzi.)
Zongzi is rice wrapped in bamboo leaves with meat or sugar put in it.





(These beautiful pictures show off my cellphone’s MeiTuKiss.   Because able to be a tester for this picture taking device makes me really happy_.  Before installing this camera the results were never this great!  Now I totally don’t have to retouch images.  I really think this is really better than my ancient method of taking a self picture.  Really love it.  I want to really quickly put it on my real phone.)




健身介么多天今天终于感觉到累了。.[巨汗]hold 住!![hold住]先睡呢.。安

(After exercising so many days I finally feel tired.  Persevere!  First, sleep.  Night.)





(These last few days I’ve been training from afternoon till dark.  Yoga.  Pilates.  All sorts of drills.  Treadmill.  My boyfriend said that I’m too hard on myself everyday.  Okay.  I’ll persist in being hard on myself.  Actually it is because of the sauna at that place.  Evaporating sweat to steam really brings about a feeling of success.  Good night.)


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