JunJun’s Valentine’s Day

15 Feb




(Thank you for accompanying me through this 143rd day. I don’t need an unforgettable memory. I just wish that this feeling can continue on into our normal lives as well. I wish everyone a happy Valentine’s day.)




拜拜杭州…再见杭州可爱的人们@张煜GG @韩卓琦1984 。.然后我肥来鸟越来越眷恋滴岳阳。女友基友损友们。来来来。

(Bye Bye HangZhou… See you again, cute people of HangZhou. @Zhangyu @HanZhouQi1984. After I arrived I felt more and more longing for YueYang. Girlfriends, good friends, bad friends, all can come on over.)

The characters she uses for “base/foundation friend,” or less literally “good friend,” are also commonly used for “a homosexual person” for some reason.  This is assuming she is not substituting one character for another for style points.  I hope you enjoyed today’s Chinese lesson.


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