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21 Oct




(Yuan Fang, what do you think?)

This is a reference to a Chinese internet meme.  I’ve read a little bit about it, but I’m still not too sure about it.  Not sure what kind of reply it would garner.




(Big Sister Bean, happy birthday.  I certain want to go again to Disney land and go sing karaoke and go to the photo-booth to take pictures and go together to eat all sorts of good food *Sweatdrop*.  [Japanese].

Wishing Gaki-san happy birthday.




@陶洁TJ 看!我回家立马放柜子里啦啦啦~哈哈哈~跟柜子颜色超配有木有!~超级3Q[爱你]碟早已被我取出来正无限循环播放中~哈哈哈[音乐][音乐][音乐]~ p.s.话说今天我好想冲去那传说中的握手会那~[可怜]想大家~

(@TaoJieTJ, Look!  As soon as I got home I put it in my cabinet~.  Hahaha~  It really fits with the cabinet’s color, right?  Super “Q3,”.  Its been a long time since I’ve broadcast this cabinet. (???)  I’ve also heard that I’ll been going to that thing of legends, a handshake event.  Thinking of you all~)

Sentence before the (???) I’m not sure about.





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