LinLin’s Mid-Autumn Festival

2 Oct


看着满桌食物好饿好饿Posted Image怎么还有菜在煮哇~快开饭吧Posted Image哈哈哈~大家中秋快乐~Posted ImagePosted Image家庭幸福美满~

(Looking at this table full of food; I’m so hungry so hungry.  How come there is still food left to cook?  Hahaha~Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone~.  Family is brimming with happiness.)



每天放课回家都会见的小黑和小黄(原谅我又擅自乱命名了哈哈哈)~一开始见到我会畏怯的往后退或者撒腿就跑,现在看见我已经会深情的看着我喵喵叫了(自我感觉是在对我撒娇)~小野猫其实是很渴望爱的~今天中午去看黑黄的时候,两只相依相偎睡一起各种萌Posted Image

(Everyday after classes are over and I return home I see Little Black and Little Yellow.  {Please excuse me for my naming of things without permission}  I was afraid that if they saw me they would become afraid and run away,  now you can see that I’ve already become close to them through the naming of the cats.  {I think I’m like a spoiled child}~Little stray cats actually are thirsty for love~Today at lunch I went to see Black and Yellow, they were cuddling together and it was cute.)


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