JunJun Nightlife

2 Sep


这个声音真的很温暖’虽然不知道在唱的内容是什么Posted Image

(This sound is very warm.  Although I don’t know what they are singing about.)



吃饱喝足开工Posted Image猜猜猜’喝的什么Posted Image

(Ate till full, drank excessively, start work.  Guess, guess, guess, what I’m drinking.)



@金世佳 谢谢美好的晚餐.。还有@徐冬梅咖啡妞 同为摩羯就是率直霸气Posted Image今晚的4人欢乐啦.。几小时后的开工继续加油哟!!
(@JinShiJia:  Thank you for the fine dinner.  Also @XuDongMeiCoffeeGirl: Because we are both Capricorns we are both straight forward and blunt.  Tonight’s 4 people having fun.  After a couple of hours work will continue again, do you best!!)




(Women need a handsome life!)



@_劉小沛沛 亲爱的..。BABY手机外壳收到了//要不要介么爱我丫..Posted Image只是这个芭比真的让我拿手机的时候很纠结..还有她的头发也很让人纠结.。.Posted Image

(@_LiuXiaoPeiPei:  Darling.  [The] BABY cell-phone cover arrived.  Have I ever introduced something that I love like this before?  This Barbie will make me never want to stop using my cellphone.  Also her hair makes people come together.) The sentence after the // is structured in a way I’m not used to.


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