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16 Aug




(Well?  Well?  Well?)

Asking what you think about her picture.


She also posted this on her Facebook:

Posted 11 August 2012 – 10:35 AM

15年里,有过我,有你们。我真的很庆幸自己有这样的运气遇见了你们。曾经一起欢笑一起哭泣的日子是那么的理所当然,现在却是那么的遥不可及。好想你们。  我最亲爱的家人们,15周年happy birthday。

(In 15 years, they’ve passed me, and also you guys.  I’m really happy that I had the lucky opportunity to meet everyone.  We heartily laughed together as well as cried; this day has so much meaning to me so of course, even though we are so far away and cannot reach each other I am still thinking about you guys.  I really cherish my “family.”  15th anniversary, happy birthday.)


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