LinLin Recovering

23 Jul

[Old photo]

真的谢谢大家!琳琳有你们一直一直想着挂念着关心着真的好幸福好感动Posted Image伤正向着好的方向恢复中~我会好好的加油希望能尽快再次站回舞台见到你们,再次唱歌给你们听~我爱你们Posted Imageみんなが大好き!永遠にPosted Image

(Truthfully thank you everyone.  LinLin has everyone’s caring thoughts which moves me emotionally in a happy way.  This injury will continue straight on to recovery.  I will really try my best and I hope that I will quickly be able to again stand up on the stage and look out upon everybody,  and to again sing for all of you~  I love you guys. [Japanese])


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