JunJun’s Prizes

28 Jun


The last subtitles:



Fhost: Please sing 3 of the songs which mention one of the Zodiac signs in the middle of the song. Please start.

JunJun: The little rabbit is well behaved.

JunJun: The two tigers run real fast, run real fast.

JunJun: I…

Mhost: 3.

JunJun: The pig’s nose. Your nose makes us all love you. [That’s what I hear.]

Mhost: 2.

Mhost: —–

JunJun: I love you. My love is like how a mouse loves rice.

Mhost: Congratulations.

Fhost: Congratulations.

Mhost: Really there are a lot. ‘Far off in the Eastern lands there is a dragon…’

Mhost: You know?

JunJun: Yeah.

JunJun: For a second I couldn’t remember.

Mhost: She has already taken the lead with 21 points.

Mhost: So we have to congratulate her.

Mhost: The person who has traversed through the canyon is Li Chun.

JunJun: Thank you.

Mhost: Li Chun, right now you have 3 bags of luggage.

Mhost: Pick one that you want to open.

Fhost: Maybe one will have plane tickets.

Mfhost: That could be a trip to Hawaii.

Mhost: It could be a trip to Hawaii tickets.

Mhost: What case will you open?

JunJun: I like the pink one.

Mhost: Alright bring the pink case to the stage.

Mhost: This time we are going to congratulate Li Chun.

Mhost: She has surpassed our ‘Last 21’ challenge.

Mhost: In that segment she achieved victory.

Fhost: Yep.

Mhost: These other two gentlemen will receive

Mhost: Yi Bei Si’s gift package.

Mhost: Including ‘Deep Sea’ skin care product and other skin care products.

Fhost: Thank you two for participating. Bye.

Mhost: So, you can possibly receive

Mhost: Tickets for a trip to Hawaii.

Mhost: Have you been to Hawaii?

JunJun: I’ve been there before.

Mhost: Was it beautiful?

JunJun: It was so beautiful.

Fhost: So you don’t mind if we give the tickets to those two contestants?

JunJun: It was so beautiful so I want to go again.

Mhost: To go another time.

Mhost: Alright, everyone in the audience.

Fhost: Will it be plane tickets?

Mhost: 3, 2, 1.

Mfhost: It is a Vietnam Rattan Weave prize box.

JunJun: Thank you.

Mhost: You can really use this box.

Fhost: Yes.

Mhost: Because it really keeps away bugs and doesn’t let light in.

Fhost: Correct.

Mhost: At your house you put your cherished things in here.

Fhost: You can put them in there.

Mhost: But you didn’t get the plane tickets, do you have any regrets?

JunJun: I don’t have any, because on scene here I have so many friends who helped me.

Mhost: That’s right. On scene 200 cos-playing friends.

Mhost: Amongst them 1 has vanished, though.

Mhost: He is inside our big prize package.

Mhost: If you can within one attempt guess who is hiding in the box,

Mhost: You will also win a trip to Hawaii.

JunJun: Who is he?

Fhost: Can you take the challenge?

Mhost: You want to challenge it?

JunJun: I want to challenge it.

Mhost: Enter into our ultimate challenge.

Mhost: Alright, congratulations Li Chun.

Mhost: A ticket to a trip to Hawaii, right?

Fhost: Think about Hawaii’s beautiful sunshine and sandy beaches.

Mhost: Right.

JunJun: You also can go sit on yachts.

Fhost: Correct.

Mhost: Right, if people come up to you and say:

Fhost: ‘Hello, I want to get to know you better.’

JunJun: ‘What business do you have here?’

Mhost: She’s learned well.

JunJun: Yeah.

Fhost: Not bad.

Mhost: Alright, are you prepared?

JunJun: I’m ready.

Mhost: In one minute ask me as many questions as you can.

JunJun: Okay.

Mhost: I can only answer ‘Yes or No.’

Mhost: Ok, the minute starts now.

JunJun: Is it a man?

Mhost: Nope.

JunJun: Is it a kid?

Mhost: Yep.

JunJun: Is it from a cartoon?

Mhost: Also yes.

JunJun: Is it a Chinese cartoon?

Mhost: Nope.

JunJun: How many characters?

Mhost: Your question…..

JunJun: Is it one character?

Mhost: Nope.

JunJun: No? How about 2 characters?

Mhost: Nope.

JunJun: 4 characters?

Mhost: Nope.

JunJun: 3 characters?

Mhost: Yep.

JunJun: Then is he really short?

Mhost: Yep.

JunJun: Did she run into an aggressive animal?

Mhost: Yep.

Fhost: 10, 9,

JunJun: Does she have stuff on her head?

Mhost: She has.

Fhost: 7, 6,

JunJun: Ok, I know it.

Fhost: 5,

Mhost: Who?

Fhost: 4

JunJun: Little Red Riding-hood.

Fhost: 3

Mhost: Is it Little Red Riding-hood?

Fhost: 2

Mhost: Please announce who it is.

Someone: Congratulations.

Mhost: Correct, very good.

Mhost: From Shenzhan Satellite TV you will receive a ticket for a trip to Hawaii as a Big Fun House going away present.

Fhost: I hope you have a good trip.

JunJun: Thank you.

Mhost: Look at the beautiful style of dressing we have today.

Mhost: Also at the studio, please look at our 200 cos-player friends that had arrived today.

Mhost: They are all dressing in my kind of style today.

Mhost: If the people at home like their style of dressing on our program and you also like dressing in this type of style, please come into our studio.

Fhost: That’s right.

Fhost: [Talking about showing up at the studio and Weibo information]

Mhost: Every night at 9:00 we have such fun. Congratulations Li Chun.


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