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27 Jun


These subtitles start at the beginning of video seven in this series.  If you don’t feel like looking at the last translation for the very first line in video 7,  the first line in the video is:

那个纸- Which means “That paper…”

I missed some of the speaking parts because of those stupid laugh-tracks and sound effects they have going on all the time, but JunJun’s lines were not a problem to translate.  Yesterday I thought today would be the last day, but I guess tomorrow is.


MS: Paper hot-pot

Mhost: Yes, paper hot-pot. In the end, is it correct? Congratulations.

Redboard: B. Paper hot-pot.

Mhost: Please can everyone look, A is Switzerland’s cheese hot-pot. ‘Cheese’ hot-pot.

Mhost: Also C is Guangdong’s, yes you know it, Da Bian Luo.

Fhost: A porridge hot-pot.

Mhost: D is from Suzhou and Hangzhou; it is the chrysanthemum hot-pot.

Mhost: Alright, continue. Please choose one.

Mhost: 7 point question.

Fhost: A ‘sun’, A ‘gold.’ These two together makes what place’s name? [,]

Fhost: In China.

Mhost: A ‘sun,’ A ‘gold.’

EM: Ruijin. [A town, 瑞金]

Fhost: A place’s name.

Mhost: 3, 2, 1.

Mhost: Time’s up.

Mfhost: That place is, GuiYang. [贵阳]

Mhost: Take the luggage back.

Mhost: Alright, next, Li Chun.

Mhost: The 3 point question is a 3 choice question.

Mhost: Which of the follow is not a tradition of the QingMing festival? A: To offer sacrifices and sweep tombs of ancestors B: Walking outdoors in the Spring C. Drinking strong yellow wine.

JunJun: C

Mhost: Why is that?

JunJun: Because the first two definitely are traditions.

Mhost: So that one has to be not a tradition. Congratulations, you answered correctly.

Mhost: Go to the game board, our most revered emperor. Come.

Mhost: The 9 point question is a ‘Guess the movie,’ question.

Fhost: Stephan Chow once said,’I truly am an actor.’ That phrase comes from what movie?

EM: King of Comedy.

Fhost: Come on up, it is still your turn.

Mhost: China’s 5 sacred mountains are what 5 mountains?

EM: Hua Mountain, Tai Mountain, Heng Mountain, Emei Mountain…Not Emei Mountain? Hua Mountain, Tai Mountain, Heng Mountain, and Lu Mountain? No? Tai Mountain

Mhost: 3, 2, ,1

EM: I’m not worthy for this question.

Fhost: You nevertheless were defeated.

EM: Please list them.

Mhost: There’s also Heng Mountain and Song Mountain. [This Heng is different from the other] Shaolin temple, right?

EM: Aw.

Mhost: Now continue, Li Chun.

Fhost: Okay, The 8 point question is the same as before, a picture question. Please look.

Mhost: Which one of these trophies is the Oscar trophy?

Fhost: Please answer.

JunJun: Number 4. Ah, Number 2.

Mhost: ABCD which one?

JunJun: Number….2.

Fhost: Are you sure?

JunJun: Number 2!

Mhost: Number 2, B correct?

Mhost: Congratulates, you get 8 points.

Mhost: Everyone look here a second. A is the ‘Hundred Flowers’ award. B is the Oscar award. C is Hong Kong’s Movie Award trophy. D is —–.

Mhost: Alright, afterward we will talk with you. This is your 2nd opportunity, please make good use of it.

Mhost: Using Taiwan’s dialect, if you call someone a ‘scooter’ [motorized], you are describing this person as having what kind of qualities?

Mhost: A.

Fhost: Old-fashioned and boring

Mhost: B.

Fhost: Really cool, has individuality.

Mhost: C.

Fhost: Really picky and fussy, also really serious.

MS: A.

Mhost: Congratulations.

Mhost: Calculate right now, how many points do you have?

MS: The 6 point case is okay to use now?

Mhost: 6 points plus 8 points is how many points?

MS: 14 points.

Mhost: You still can get one case.

MS: The 7 point case.

Mhost: Please do.

Mhost: This too is a “guess the place name” question.

Mhost: “It speaks boastfully/emptily, what place is this?”

Mhost: Everyone count down with me. 3, 2, 1.

Mhost: Time’s up.

Mhost: Come on, put the case back.

Mhost: The answer is HaiKou. [Literally, Ocean/sea + mouth, yea I don’t get it either.]

Mhost: Li Chun, how many points to do you have now?

Fhost: Add them up.

JunJun: Right now 11 points.

Fhost: Then if you get 10 points, you’ll win with no problem.

Mhost: As expected, she picked the 10 point question case.

Fhost: Please listen to the question.

Fhost: You need to answer quickly.

Fhost: We know about the 12 Zodiac signs.

[Edit:  Don’t know how I got the Earthly Branches last time]


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