You Guessed It: More JunJun TV

26 Jun


Starts 5 seconds into part 6.

RQ: You’ve already bumped into [them]. When you go to try to pick up a girl, she’ll say,’Ai Ya, that’s no good.’ Or she’ll say she already has a boyfriend. If she says something like this, but her attitude seems actually welcoming; then at that time and situation I will teach you about a technique. But you have to make sure she has the right mind-set. But I must stress again, when she says ‘that’s no good,’ you need to say,’Yes, I know it isn’t proper. But I truly want to get to know you better.’ If she says she has a boyfriend, you can say,’A girl like you having a boyfriend is not surprise. But I truly want to get to know you better.’ That kind of answer is the key. You must take her mood into account. You don’t want to let her in on the big idea, but if she says,’What is your business here?’ If it looks like that type of situation you need to use really simple and straight forward introduction. You don’t need to use any nonsense. You will say,’I want to become friends with you.’

Mhost: Alright, our teacher here will be the announcer. We’ve already seen three types of answers. ABC, which answer is the right one?

RQ: The worst is the 3rd one. ‘What is your business here?’ Because if she says this the other person is in a dangerous position. She is thinking,”What result are you trying to get by trying to get to know me?” But ‘Why do you want to know me,’ and ‘You scared me so much I jumped,’ She’s already released her mood about the situation. Because she has that little trust in other persons, you have to be particularly talented. At that time you need to make sure you have a enthusiastic exchange between you two. You can do it over the phone.

Red board: Answer: A. ‘What business do you have here?’

Mhost:[Too much noise and no Mandarin subtitles]…..and our teacher Ruan Qi. You came to our set and gave us. [a good time]

Fhost: Thank you.

An Youqi: Thank you.

RQ: Thank you everyone.

Mhost: You brought us such great questions, thank you you two. Thank you.

Mhost: Alright, we will congratulate Li Chun. She obtained 300 points. Full marks!

Mhost: Okay.

Fhost: Thanks.

Mhost: Congratulations to Dingding who will leave ‘Big Fun House,’ with Yi Bei Shi Deep-Sea Skin-Care products!

Fhost: Thank you.

Mhost: Alright, myself and Li Chun with two other contestants will try to break through.,’Last 21 Point Rush.’

Narrator: Challenge 21. ——–

Mhost: Alright, let’s enter. Last 21 Point segment.

Fhost: That’s right. Right here we will first and foremost congratulate our most respected ’emperor’.

Mhost: Also congratulate our Li Chun. Also our Mosuo boy. [Ethnic group from Yunnan and Sichuan]

Fhost: Congratulations you three.

Mhost: You three can see in this segment,’ everyone can see that up top are boxes. All of the prices will show up twice. But you have to remember, whoever reaches 21 points first is the one who will win. We will start from our most revered emperor. Please begin.

Mhost: #5 list question. Every year in June it is the turbulent time of the GaoKao. [Important entrance exam] Please list all five Southern elite schools.

Emperor[EM]: Zhongshan University, Guangzhou university…..

Fhost: Elite universities.

Mhost: Zhongshan University….

EM: That, that, that one…..Hunan University.

Mhost: Correct.

EM: Nanchang University is it?

EM: Hushan University is it?

Mfhost: Time’s up!

Mhost: Please return the case. Wonder why he kept passing Guangdong?

Fhost: Because he…

Mhost: Those were not in the South. South of the Yangtze is the South. ZheJiang University, Nanjing University, Wuhan University. Those are all Elite schools.

EM: I’m really ignorant.

Fhost: Your turn, Li Chun.

Mhost: Please step up to the game board.

Mhost: #11 question. Famous Sayings Single Question.

Fhost: Yea.

Fhost: Please listen. Lu Xun once said one piece of important advice: “Where there is genius…” What is the last half of the sentence?

JunJun: The other half of the sentence is what?

Fhost: “Where there is genius,”

JunJun: “Where there is genius, that place surely has Lu Xun.”

JunJun: Where..

EM: I’ll help you take back the luggage.

Fhost: Alright, help her take it back.

Mhost: “Where is the genius? I only use people’s coffee drinking effort/time on work.”[means there’s no genius, only hard worker]

JunJun: I’ve heard that one before!

Mhost: You’ve heard that one already?

JunJun: I know it, that is a quote by Lu Xun.

Mhost: Correct, Mr. Lu Xun.

Fhost: We already said that.

Mhost: It is Lu Xun’s quote.

Fhost: Correct!

Mhost: She woke up.

Fhost: Right, she’s already woken up, do your best.

Fhost: Next.

Mhost: Alright, Mosuo boy, step up to the game board.

Fhost: We have high hopes for you.

Mhost: Question #8, it is a picture question. After you’ve finished looking at the picture, our question will come. You have to remember, as for the picture…Among these, which kind of hotpot comes from Japan? Please look. ABCD. Alright, tell us.

Mosuo[MS]: B

Mhost: B is what kind of hotpot?

MS: The name…Sea food hotpot.

Fhost: Yes, yes, yes sea food hotpot. But what is in it?

MS: That paper…

Edit:  Thank you to Afya from hello-online forums for your help with the Lu Xun quote.


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