And Yet more JunJun TV Translations

25 Jun


So in that series of video’s the new subtitles starts at the 4/8 video at 4:06 and I’ve subbed up to about 5 seconds into the 6/8 video.

I can’t use the Chinese site for some reason because it stops loading after a certain part.  There’s more to this show than I thought, so it is still not done.  笑


Mhost: It’s really like this, how far can you get.

Mhost: Li Chun talk about your experiences where someone hit on you.

JunJun: One time in Shibuya there was a long of male students along the side. They were standing on the side of the streets; they were waiting for me to come past. He suddenly reached out and grabbed you. [Meaning herself] He gave me his phone number.

Mhost: What a straight forward introduction.

JunJun: Really straight forward. He came forward to me searching his pockets for his cell-phone. Then I said ‘I’m sorry.’ Then I ran away.

Mhost: Talking about hitting on people, us three were whispering amongst ourselves. One person by themselves are not very important. All of the nerds want all of the girls. If you say you think you are a ‘leftover woman’ or a ‘leftover man,’ my ‘teacher’ can help you find a suitable significant other.

Fhost: Also when you say this, it is hard to imagine what words will come out of the mouth. Let the teacher come and teach us about how to communicate effectively.

Mhost: Right.

Fhost: Then you can make some progress.

Mhost: This expert is ‘Date Devil’ who has widely studied the art of match-making. Please give a round of applause to Teacher Ruan Qi.

Fhost: Welcome

RQ: Hello everybody.

Mhost: Welcome, welcome.

RQ: Hello, Dai Jun [Mhost] [Polite speech]

Mhost: Hello, hello. [polite speech]

RQ: Hello, An Youqi.

Fhost: Hello.

Mhost: As you can see we are very relaxed; you should be too.

Mhost: Suddenly two young women.

Fhost: How gentleman-like.

Mhost: Ruan Qi is really awesome. He started a training course. In four years he’s helped how many people find their significant others? Do you know? About 1000 men. That’s not all.

Fhost: How awesome. What method did you use at that time that allowed you to plan to create this training course?

RQ: It is very interesting. When I was in school I sometimes tried to pick up girls. I think picking up girls is really interesting. Meeting girls is like a way of life.

Fhost: But, teacher, if you originally didn’t have any relationship to the girl you are trying to pick wouldn’t she think you are a little shady?

RQ: If I am trying to pick up a girl, she doesn’t necessarily know that I have no reason to be talking to her. [Just trying to pick her up] So, you need to use techniques. If you don’t have techniques….

Mhost: You can see the teacher’s face is not disfigured. His nose is not swollen. If you use the incorrect pick-up techniques, then today your head and a pig’s head would look the same.

RQ: Truthfully, a genuinely good pick-up technique is to be low-key in your approach. If you use this approach you will often pick-up girls successfully.

Mhost: Alright, today arrived on scene….

Fhost: Let the teacher reveal it.

Mhost: The teacher will demonstrate an example situation. At the pool’s edge at a hotel/bar.

Fhost: Hello, Mrs. We have cola, sprite, and tea. What do you want?

An Youqi: Red wine.

Fhost: One minute please.

Mhost: My sorry, but Mrs. we do not have red wine. How about orange juice?

An Youqi: That’s also fine.

RQ: Hello Mrs. This glass of orange juice was already sitting at the entrance-way. A man wanted me to give this to you.

An Youqi: Oh, what man?

RQ: That man was me, truthfully. Can I sit here?

An Youqi: Why should I let you sit here?

RQ: I know that your name is An Youqi. I am Ruan Qi. Our names both have ‘Qi’ in it. Is that not enough to let me sit here?

Mhost: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Mrs.. Someone needs to use this other seat.

RQ: We can still talk like this. It’s the same. Because I planned to talk with you.

An Youqi: I’m sorry. [for inconveniencing you]

Fhost: We also need the table.

RQ: Alright then, then we can get to talking. My full name is Mo Gui Zi Xun Shi. [Literally ‘Dating Devil Advice Master’]

An Youqi: Zi Xun Shi.

RQ: Correct. I give people advice.

An Youqi: What kind? Like for depression?

RQ: I give people who are fans of famous people. When their hearts are upset they come find me.

Mhost: Mrs. Your boyfriend gave you a phone call. Please answer.

An Youqi: Hello? Daughter-in-law?

Mhost: How come you aren’t acting tactfully? The boyfriend has called her and you are standing there by her side stupidly.

RQ: I’m already out of the way.

Fhost: How stubborn.

Mhost: Yes, teacher is really stubborn. Teacher really is tough to get through to.

RQ: To pick up girls you truthfully have to….

Mhost: So after a 1000 male students, why do you still continue to coach? Find boyfriend….This time was a little set-back. You certainly have to have tenacity.

RQ: Correct.

Mhost: Don’t give up so easily.

RQ: Correct.

Mhost: This is really important. Alight, now our question has come. I want to get to know you. Which of the following would be your reaction?

Mhost: Hello, I want to get to know you.

Fhost: What businesses do you have here?

Mhost: That was A. B is…Hello I want get to know you.

Fhost: Why’s that?

Mhost: [Slapping sound effects]

Mhost: Alight, C. Hello, I want to get to know you.

Fhost: I’m so scared that I jump.

Mhost: Finally, out of those three answers which is the one which would you pick? Please choose, 3, 2,…..

DD: What should I do, what should I do?

Mfhost: 1….

Mhost: These two people have chosen “What business do you have here?” Please explain.

JunJun: I believe that answer is the safest one to pick. Its also the one that is the most distant in terms of feelings. Answer 2 and answer 3 will give people hope that they can still curry favor with you.

Mhost: Like a ‘just want to deal with each other’ kind of talk, right?

JunJun: Not only that but you will subconsciously tell other people,’I don’t find you disgusting.’

Mhost: Picking number 3 would be acting like a spoiled child.

Fhost: I’m so afraid that I jump!

Mhost: You scared me so much that my little heart leaped and jumped.

Fhost: Yea.

DD: Yes, I also thought the same. Even in Bo’r’s [Fhost’s] performance you can see that. For answer number one it is clear to see that you want to fight with the person asking you the question.

Fhost: Don’t let my performance confuse you.

DD: So it makes you look like you are rough and witty., right?

Mhost: What would you pick. [asking An Youqi]

An Youqi: I would certainly pick A, yea.

Mhost: Ah, teacher, if she says this to you when you try to talk to her,”You’re talking to the wrong person,” Is that the lowest you can go?

RQ: Only if you say that, then I could follow up with,” You look familiar.”

Mhost: Speak.

Fhost: Hello, I would like to get to know you better.

Mhost: You’re talking to the wrong person.

Male voice: What? That…

Fhost: That is really hurtful.

An Youqi: He who questions is he who receives an answer.

Mhost: You really are talking to the wrong person.

RQ: Don’t try to pick him up.

Fhost: No, no, try asking me once.

Mhost: I really want to get to know you better.

Fhost: Ha! Alright, now you talk.

Mhost: No.

DD: I have a really good one. It is also really terrible. The first person says,”Hello, I want to get to know you better.” Then later say,” You don’t remember me? well that’s awkward.”

RQ: Truthfully I will teach everyone a practical application of my techniques.


If you are going to use these to sub the show please credit ketianmingWVU or 柯天铭WVU


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