More JunJun TV Translations

24 Jun


Today the subs start where we left off at 60:47 and end at 68:29.  Not quite finished yet.


Fhost: Right now Li Chun has 50 points. Dinding, 0 points.

Mhost: Alright, next we have the 100 point question. It talks about island life. It is flourishing and vibrant. Let us look at it together. An Youqi will bring us to the location. [the video woman]

Anyouqi: I am happy! So wet.

Anyouqi: I hope this time in the water is not the same. [as before] I hope I can overcome my fear. A brave overcoming! [of fear] Do your best!

Anyouqi: A beautiful ‘coral lake.’ A variety of colorful fish. They swim around me in a circle. We dance. On both sides; they are joyful. You don’t have to go far to find life’s meaning. Life comes to you as a pleasant surprise. Truthfully, it is here. It waits here. We go to its location to find it.

Anyouqi: We are on location at a special really fun place. We turned over this place in order to gain more understanding. Then, I will introduce. [this place] I will bring you all to go look. “let’s go!”

Anyouqi: Next I want to ask all of the happy friends in the crowd a question. Why does my stature suddenly change when I go from one side of the room to another?

Mhost: Thank you, Anyouqi has brought everyone to see that place. The Fantastic Art Museum. We say the picture’s awesome sights. Why does her stature change when she goes from one side of the room to the other?

Fhost: A: Wall trick B: Texture trick C: Floor height trick . Please choose. 3 2 1.

Mhost: Li Chun picks floor height trick. [To Dingding] You picked texture trick. The special texture causes the eyes to misperceive the surroundings.

DD: Correct.

Mhost: Please explain.

DD: I believe it is decorated like a special design that can make things look big or small. It can cause us to believe there is a difference between sizes.

JunJun: In my way of thinking I truthfully believe first and foremost that the walls don’t have that stuff on it.

Mhost: Texture

JunJun: Yea, texture. So, I really believe the thing of suspect is is the floor’s situation. [that causes the visual trick] But I think if the floor isn’t the same. I think the floor might have some kind of slope to it. [If] you look at the floor you will see it. So, I picked floor trick.

Mhost: Welcome. The correct answer is C, floor trick!

Fhost: Congratulations Li Chun.

Mhost: Your hometown had a big earthquake?

JunJun: Not a big one, a little earthquake.

Mhost: I have friends that were tourists at Disneyland. I didn’t see him for 3 days.

Fhost: How worrying.

Mhost: They went to Disneyland. That day there was suddenly a big earthquake. You all know what kind of place Disneyland is? It is built in an area surrounded by the ocean. So, while they were watching a movie the floor started to change. The floor started to cave away. So they mistakenly thought it was a 4D movie. [joke] It shook a lot.

Fhost: Your feet would start to fall through too.

Mhost: The theater started to shake. Then the floor started to cave in. The lights came on like “Fwoosh.” And they said the floor was shaking, but they didn’t believe it. Because they didn’t understand Japanese they said “What’s the problem?” They people said to quickly get out of the building. After they got out of the building they saw Disneyland’s ground slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, break apart. Because the ground had started to have gaps forming in it. The earth was breaking apart.

Fhost: The ocean was reclaiming the land.

Mhost: So, they climb on top of a mountain which had a sport center on the top of it. They lived there for two days. It was freezing. Because each person only had one blanket. It was about this big. [motions with hands]

Fhost: That small?

Mhost: It was about this big. [Compares blanket size to her face]

Fhost: That’s a facial mask. [In size]

Mhost: So, today we can see you already have 150 points. [JunJun on camera] Zero points. [The board shows Dingding: 0 Li Chun: 150]

Mhost: Anyouqi also came here.

Fhost: That’s right.

Mhost: Please give her a round of applause. Perfect, splendid, performance!


Mhost: Welcome, welcome Anyouqi, welcome.

Anyouqi: Hello Daijun, [Mhost] Hello Bo’r. [Fhost]

Fhost: It’s really you. High-five!

Mhost: Give me the same greeting.

Mhost: You guys look, today we are both putting on what kind of show?

Fhost: You guessed right, it has encouragement.

Anyouqi: Big brother Jun you kinda look like a young government official.

Fhost: How about me?

Anyouqi: But you don’t look like a new wife. [Fhost]

Fhost: How hurtful.

Anyouqi: I don’t think you look like a couple.

Mhost: A young official and his homely housewife. “Roman Holiday” [Some sort of old American love movie]

Mhost: Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck.

Fhost: I really worked on my hair style, but it doesn’t like like Audrey Hepburn’s. But I think it looks a little like it. About that person’s hair’s length.

Anyouqi: No, I think you look like a member of the Young Pioneers. [A youth political organization] That scarf looks a little…Yes, like a student.

Mhost: Talk about your time in Sanya. Did you have fun?

Anyouqi: I was perfectly happy. I had a lot of experiences.

Mhost: Now talk about the places you went to have fun. You are such a beautiful girl. You can really start a conversation with anyone.

Anyyouqi:…..This is also true.

Fhost: Not ‘also true’ You should say ‘this is certainly true.’ Explain your experiences.

Anyouqi: Truthfully these two events are really interesting experiences. I had a good friend showing me around since it was my first time going there.

Mhost: A local?

Anyouqi: No, he is a Korean. We spoke English together. But we all cannot understand English by hearing it. But our talks were still fun. Later, lastly a friend came over and asked me a question. ‘What are you guys saying?’ I said,”I also don’t know what we are saying.” He said,” Your conversation looked really enthusiastic.”

Anyouqi: Also one time at Sanya, at the hotel our swimming coach was telling us about learning to swim. After 40 minutes the swimming coach left. This male child to my side saw that I still wasn’t getting it right. Later I swam really poorly. He came over to teach me.

Mhost: You didn’t know him?

Anyouqi: He didn’t know me. Because I wasn’t all dressed up. I was also wearing a swimming cap. So he didn’t recognize me.

Mhost: Everyone, did you know that famous women don’t wear make-up all the time? Truthfully you cannot recognize them.

DD: Talking about this, I also think I wouldn’t turn around and recognize. [you] Because truhfully myself and Anyouqi are similar. I also like going to Thailand to have fun. Because Thailand is really close. One time I went to JinJi island to have fun. I went to a restaurant. Once I was there I gave the restaurant worker my full attention. He would constantly come to my side and then turn to go back. One of my friend’s said,’That person certainly knows that you are important.” Suddenly the worker came back and escorted my friend and threw himself in front of me. The restaurant work used pretty standard Chinese. So, he said to me. ‘I like yoooou.’ So that’s when I found out the restaurant work was a man.

Mhost: Did you make the best of a bad situation?

DD: “I also like you.” Yes, we exchanged greetings. I said,”How are you?”

Fhost: Next time be sure to sate your heavy appetite.

DD: Right, heavy appetite.


If you use these to sub the show please credit ketianmingWVU or 柯天铭WVU.


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