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23 Jun


This is from where I left off when the host was going to talk to the male contestant.  I started at 54:35 and stopped today at 60:47.    I’ll see if I can finish this tomorrow.  I’m surprised at how few of minutes I actually translated, seeing as I spent hours on this.


DD: I am Dingding from Shandong province.

Fhost: Too cold.

Mhost: Okay, Shandong’s Dingding. Today give everyone a recommendation of a good place to go.

DD: [I think he is just keeping a beat here, but literally I guess it could be ‘definitely this place’] I’ve heard about this show ‘Big Fun House’ that I’ve arrived at today. I will recommend a place to go. Where is that place? It is the country in the middle part of Europe, Switzerland. I will talk about Switzerland. I will recommend a city. It is Lucerne.

Mhost: Lucerne.

DD: I will talk about how Lucerne’s people truly are strange. Because at Lucerne you can ski in all seasons. Because Lucerne’s mountain top has a 1000 year old glacier. Everyone thinks it is fantastic. Especially great is feeling the inside of the glacier. Really, everyone knows Switzerland has really famous things. Like chocolate…

Mhost: Yes.

DD: But you cannot eat only Switzerland’s chocolate. You can also use it to take care of your skin.

Fhost: Really? Is that true or fake?

DD: You know about this? Switzerland has a really famous thing called “Chocolate Spa.” When going to Switzerland besides skiing, you can taste the local chocolate. Yes, after you are tired of skiing you can eat mouthfuls of chocolate.

Mhost: Also you can go look and enjoy the best of the world in wrist-watches.

DD: Yes. That’s right. Mechanical watches, very fantastic.

Mhost: Don’t forget to bring us along. [We’ll bring]Yibeite’s sunblock.

DD: Sunblock?

Mhost: Alright, Today we have a famous person. They will bring us to the ocean’s edge. And apply sun-block thoroughly. Who is that famous person? We will together go and see, “You are my eyes.”

Narrator: You are my eyes. This famous person will bring you to look at the world. This person will ask questions, first question is worth 50 points, second question, 100 points, third question 150 points. Are you ready?

Mhost: Today we have a very special famous guest. Where is this famous person bringing us? Hainan island.

Mfhost: Please arrive by the shore on the headland. It is always Spring there in all four seasons.

Mhost: Yes, the place is Hainan island.

Fhost: Yes.

Mhost: Today our famous person will bring everyone to Hainan island. Maybe she will go to ‘that place’, normally people cannot go there. First please look at this video.

VideoWoman: June’s feelings are fluttering. An indescribable dry, hot attack. This hot brought an uneasiness and weariness, lingering in my heart. I started to become more self-critical about myself and how I relate to my music. What kind of music do I want? What kind of music would be a part of me? One day in June 2012 I received a letter. I received it in Sanya, Hainan; happiness arrived in a mysterious invitation. Unexpectedly a lot of burden was placed on my heart. I arrived in Sanya. I hope here I can find the feeling that I had once before. A quiet Summer’s day by the ocean’s side, time had apparently become very slow. Listening to the waves, walking barefoot on the beach. The ocean plays a long mysterious melody. It lingers on the ears. It looks like I’ve found a lot of something. That something is something I really need.

VideoWoman: Right now I’m on location at the boat called Lou Fan. Because this boat is very famous. In Sanya’s Yalong Bay lots of yachts congregate. That boat has a very high miles per hour speed. It can go 15 knots. On this boat you can find 5 famous boat men. When the wind speed is high and powerful and controllable. You don’t have to use oil. The boat can change into a sail-boat. So it is also environmentally conscientious. It is also a lot of fun. Let’s try it out. Let’s set off!

VideoWoman: This has a bedroom, living room, and bathroom right?

Man: It has all of that, it has a hygiene station.

VideoWoman: In the hygiene station you can take a bath/shower. This is like a house.

Man: Yes, it is a house. It is equivalent to about 120 square meters. It looks like a place people can live in for a long time.

VW: You’ve seen all of this. I gave you an introduction to all of the equipment. Now my question has arrived. [Try to remember and] List all of the fun things that I’ve talked about. What equipment would not be found on the boat? A: Golf course B: Soccer field C: Recording studio

Fhost: Golf course, soccer field, recording studio. 3, 2, 1, Time’s up.

Mhost: I can’t imagine [what would be on or off the boat] Li Chun picked soccer field. [Talking to male contestant] You picked recording studio.

DingDing: Yes.

Mhost: Explain why.

JunJun: Golf course because I saw it. Recording studio, you do not need too much space in order to have it.

Mhost: Yes.

JunJun: Soccer field you need a lot [of space]. Also on the sea you can’t kick very well. Are you and a dolphin going to play? [joke]

Mhost: Have you ever seen just 3 people play soccer. The soccer field isn’t that big.

Fhost: Correct. Also right now 5 or 6 people can be at a driving range. [golf]

Mhost: Correct.

Dingding: Truthfully I am really simple. So I thought about the answers simply. Because I know the golf and soccer fields are for exercise, so they could be possibly be big correct? But a recording studio must be good. It has to have sound-proof padding. The sound on the ocean would be different. [bad]

Mhost: Everyone look at the screen. Finally we will find out which the boat doesn’t have. Please look.

VideoWoman: The answer is B: Soccer field. Were you correct?

Mhost: Congratulations Li Chun.

Fhost: Congratulations.

Mhost: It does not have a soccer field.

Fhost: A soccer field sounds really expensive to have.

Mhost: Because a few people practice golf, you can use the driving field to practice there. But a soccer field, you could break glass. ‘Bang!’ your kick would sound like.

Fhost: Yea.

Mhost: So, it doesn’t have a soccer field. If it was me who had the boat, the first thing I would make would be a recording studio.

Fhost: Why?

Mhost: You see, because lots of famous girls would get on my yacht. Yea?

JunJun: I wanna go too!

Mhost: You also want to go, correct?

JunJun: Yea.


Please credit KetianmingWVU or 柯天铭WVU if you are going to use these to sub the video.


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