Partial JunJun TV Appearance Translation

22 Jun

[Old Photo]


JunJun on a TV show called “Big Fun House”:…xuid=u52528179

JunJun’s first main appearance is at 52 minutes, 39 seconds.

I translated the talk up until they started talking to the male contestant. I’ll translate the rest tomorrow because I just spent like 4 hours doing this today.

Mhost: What an extraordinary appearance.

MFHost: Welcome these two people.

Mhost: I will introduce them.

JunJun: Hi everyone, I am Li Chun.

Fhost: Li Chun.

Mhost: You normally speak Mandarin?

JunJun: Yes, I…

Mhost: Right now you are standing here, we really want to feel your image…

Fhost: Looks like a little baby like a puppet.

Mhost: Japan’s little girl, yes?

Fhost: Comes out looking like this. [dances]

JunJun: I was formerly a member of Japan’s Morning Musume.

Fhost: Sou desu? Sou desu? [Really? In Japanese, if I am remembering correctly]

JunJun: I worked there roughly 4 and a half years.

Mhost: Then you can speak Japanese well.

JunJun: My Japanese is pretty good.

Mhost: Use Japanese to greet everyone.

JunJun: [Japanese]

Mhost: Really fluent. How pure.

Fhost: You sound like over at that place’s little baby. [Japan]

Mhost: Where will you go this Summer? Everyone recommend you go to what place? You recommend going to what place?

JunJun: I of course recommend going to Japan. [This is] really the truth. No matter the season, Japan is really perfectly comfortable to live in.

Fhost: Why is that?

JunJun: First, the weather is great. Second, the water [humidity] is fine. Your skin will become better. This is a little…Second, at Japan you can experience Tokyo. Tokyo is perfect from time to time, yes?

Mhost: Window shopping.

Fhost: Shopping.

JunJun: Yes, shopping naturally.

Mhost: Lots of places to go waste money at.

JunJun: Yes, like I said. Yes, Disney Land is like that. Then also if you want to go to the hot-springs you have to go to Hakone. [City]

Mhost: Hakone?

JunJun: Yes. Hakone is perfect.

Fhost: At the foot of Mt. Fuji?

JunJun: Yes.

Mhost: Yes, At Hokkaidō you can also go to hot-springs.

JunJun: The people over there have perfect hot-springs. All natural.

Mhost: Yes.

JunJun: Also I went to Hakone once to enjoy the hot-springs. It was really fun, you know? There was this really big hot-spring pool. But one person could use all of it.

Mhost: Wow, a single person?

JunJun: But, you by yourself are outdoors. [At the hot-spring] You know?

Mhost: Yes, yes.

JunJun: When you are in the pool you can see the perfect surrounding horizon. You will feel as if people will show up.

Mhost: [You] and the natural scenery will become one.

Mhost: [Talking to the man contestant] Come, We will talk about you. You come from where?


If someone wants to use these to subtitle the show, please credit KetianmingWVU or 柯天铭WVU.


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