JunJun on TV

22 Jun




(I really hope this is the last time for this kind of thing that makes me feel embarrassed.  Makes other people feel embarrassed)

Sounds like she is upset about something that happened.  I’ll have to watch the recording to see if she goofed up.



确实高考那些日子那些铺天盖地的新闻都让人咋舌.毒死青蛙的.下跪的.拦车冲突的.送孩子送掉生命,孩子”不得不”离开现场去考试的.等等.希望更多的人 看到这个视频.别让每年都有的考试磨灭了人性最基本的淳朴.别让人们”享受”这样的”同情”!在全世界中国的高考也许是最公平的.但在全中国公平与否只有 我们知道

(Truthfully the GaoKao these last few days has been all over the place with news which has been leaving people speechless.  It poisons ‘frogs.’ [Probably means ‘unfortunate people here]  Kneel.  A traffic stopping collision.  Take the child and take his life,  The child ‘Has no choice.’  The child leaves the scene in order to make it to the GaoKao.  Also,  I hope a lot of people watch this video.  Don’t let this test every year destroy people’s basic fundamentals and innocence.  Don’t let people enjoy life the same. [Make a change]  Sympathize!  All over the world China’s GaoKao perhaps is the most impartial.  But China’s GaoKao whether or not it is fair or not we all know. [That horrible things happen because of it]

This is her reply to this video:


It is about all the terrible things that happen around GaoKao day due to how serious it is.  Suicides and stuff like that.  The news reporter keeps saying “I don’t know how one test can be so serious.”




(At the recording I don’t think I embarrassed myself.  Mr. Lu Xun.)

Lu Xun is a very famous writer China in Modern China.  I’m not sure why she’s saying his name here, maybe his name was the answer to a question she messed up or something.  I haven’t watched the recording yet.

You can see the recording here:


You can see her around 64 minutes and 16 seconds, although I might have passed up an earlier appearance since I just found her by skipping around the video.





(Long time no see)


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