LinLin is sick D:

20 Jun

[Old photo]




为什么感觉好难受~我难到是中暑了么~我不要生病那![黑线][生病][感冒]天气又热又闷,大家要注意身体哇~ みんなからだ気をつけてね[心]

(Why am I having this feeling that is hard to bear?  The problem is sun-sickness.  I don’t wanna be sick.  The weather is hot and humid.  Everyone make sure to pay attention to your body.~ [So you don’t get sick] [Japanese])




(Did everyone eat? ~Guess what this is??? Hahaha~ Pickled vegetable and rice balls~  This is the first time I’ve learned that pickled vegetables and rice balls could be such a good match~  So sour and sweet! [Nippon 文])


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