LinLin Kakkoii

16 Jun



今天HACG肯定很好玩吧~无法参战的我只有在这里泪奔的份了。我知道很多事情必须花时间下苦功去磨练,可是我真的好想你们。好多想说还不能说的话,不 过,我知道你们懂的,你们最理解我了~好好加油!坚持就是胜利!希望不会让你们等太久。sorry~就今天小小任性一下,哈哈哈

(Today at HACG would have been certainly really fun.  I couldn’t participate, I just was here running around crying for awhile.  I know that a lot of things take time to learn, but I really miss you guys.  I want to talk a lot but I cannot,  however, I understand that you guys understand me.  You guys are the best at understanding me~Everyone do your best!  Perseverance will lead to victory!  I hope I don’t make you guys wait too long.  sorry~  Today [unspecified something] should be a little headstrong, hahaha) [I’m guessing she’s saying “You should be headstrong/willful even though I am not there” or she could be referring to herself the picture where she looks pretty willful. {see above picture}]

HACG is some kind of anime website and probably does conventions and stuff like that.






(Yesterday who was being loud about going on a diet?!!) [Herself]


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