JunJun Eats Beans

12 Jun



回到家打开电脑就看到一版版都是令人发指悲痛郁闷的新闻..无奈啊.人在做天在看..坏人宗会有报应的..嗯嗯.调整一下心情.. 绿豆降火.决定吃饱了去运动下…[奥特曼]ストレッチ最近やって無いな。。[偷笑]

(I returned home and started my computer to look at this page and I see the bad and depressing news..Nothing can be done about it.  The people in Heaven are watching.  Evil people will face retribution.  En, en. [Yep]  Change your mood. The meng beans have cooled off.  After I eat I will certainly exercise.  [Nippon language])

[The picture says 热 (hot)]

Meng beans are the things in the bowl in the picture above.  I’m pretty sure she is talking about a post that she replied to that has some nasty pictures attached to it.  JunJun said:


(My god. If this is real… Is the government this cold-hearted?)

The story appears to be about a hospital in Shanxi province who gave a Mother there really poor treatment.  The article says it was a forced birth and that they put the dead baby by the mother’s body.  Pretty sure it says she didn’t have enough money to pay for long term care until the baby would normally be born, so they made her have it early.





(I like this type of sunshine.  Suddenly I’ve come to look like I did a year before.  At that time I had blonde hair…)





(Happy, Happy)


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