What the hugging fan said:

31 May

According to Live4Ai of Hello-online.org forums  this is what the fan said:

he said he has been a junjun fan since 2006, then follow her to japan for the audition(which every single momusu fan knows that Junjun never had audition in Japan, she did her Audition in China). then he said he likes Junjun because her life was difficult Japan (another wired questionable reason). something like this.

Afya, of the same forum, also provided a translation:

Host “Did that feel good?”.  [what the…….]
Fan “Fulfilled my dream since I was young”
Host “You started watching them [I believe he’s referring to MM] since very young or what?”
Fan “No, no, since 06 when she competed in ……[I couldn’t hear that part w/o mic but I think he said Super Girl]. And then when she joined MM, being picked. I know it was especially hard in the beginning there. So I especially like this girl, I think she is really a strong girl.”

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the help and I’m sure the people who check this site are also very appreciative.


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