LinLin Sleeping

31 May




(I see everyone wishes everyone a happy June 1st “Children’s Day.”  Yes! The Anime world will also celebrate this holiday.  Happy er4 tong2 jie2.  Hahaha.  [The Japanese says “goodnight.”])

The er4 tong2 jie2 is pronounced similarly to “Children’s Day” [er2 tong2 jie2].  I’ve searched google to see what this pun means and came up with various Chinese forums where people were talking about er4 tong2 jie2.  It has something to do with women, I know that.  For instance, in one thread the original poster said “since it is er4 tong2 jie2 I will post beautiful women.”  Other threads were talking about women as well.  My guess is that it has something to do with producing children on Children’s Day, but this is just a educated guess.

I also tried to find the definition of 同节 but the only results I have found were that it comes from some old literature, but I can’t figure out its exact meaning.


Edit: Now that I think about it, it can be read like this.  er4 = Two, tong2 = together, jie2 = celebration.  That would make it “Two Together Celebration” or if you expand it a little it would be “Two [People] Together Celebration.”  So my original suspicion was correct.  It is a pun about a day for sex, which still can be considered a day for children I guess.  I didn’t expect LinLin to post such a lewd joke.


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