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30 May

5/30/2012 (This is an old picture because LinLin did not post a picture with this Weibo post.)


破、破、破、破、竟然破了百万观看!!!怎么办?太激动了各种语无伦次中~二次元赛高!让我遇到了这么多和自己一样热爱二次元热爱cos的民那真的好开心那~~真的谢谢大家!~恩恩!我会好好加油出更好的作品送给你们[爱你]!!期待有一天能跟大家一起出个什么[爱你][耶][音乐] 庆祝一下买醋昆布吃去[偷笑]

(Broke, broke, broke, broke, surprisingly broke through to “millions” in views!!!  What should I do?  I’m very excited; I could talk without meaning because of this excitement.  The best cartoon world!  Let’s me run across others who really love anime cos-play; I am very happy.  Truthfully thank you everyone!~Kindness Kindness!  I will work hard on new artistic displays [cos-plays] to give to you.  I can’t wait for the next time we can go out together to do something.  Hope we can go eat sour [vinegar] kelp)

Apparently the character she cos-plays as eat this food a lot.  I don’t watch that show, so I am not totally familiar with what exactly it is.

Also I bolded a few terms that I wasn’t sure of.  I searched the sentence through google and came up with this:


The guy who answered it says 赛高 means “best” and 二次元 means “cartoon/anime world.”  Now that I think about it 赛高 sai4 gao1 sound like Japanese’s “Saiko” which means “best.”  I assume 二次元 er4 ci4 yuan2 has a similar sounding equivalent in Japanese meaning “Anime world.”


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