30 May




(You cheater!!!  So ugly)

This is responding to someone posting the above picture on their blog and saying how pretty JunJun is and how tired she was.




(What a beautiful wife.  I will steal her.)


一直以来面对流言蜚语质疑诋毁都持沉默’没那么多美国时间去和没必要的人解释那么多乱七八糟有的没的的事情.对于可笑言论更没必要!但这次真的怒了!没 错.每个人有言论自由’只是自以为是的一棒子打死一片人的行为过分了!我李纯是怎样的人我知道’家人知道’朋友知道’真正爱我的人知道!其他的’你们不配 知道!

(Ever since that “face-to-face” event people have been addicted to slanderous rumors.  Not too many American time went and they not necessarily need explanation of the chaos, not their business.  Speaking of the funny speech it was not necessary!  This time I am really angry!  Yep.  Everyone has free speech.  But I thought it was I who would take a club and kill a person who’s conduct was unruly.  Li Chun is the Li Chun I know.  That you all know.  That my friends know.  Genuinely love how I am.   Others don’t understand.)

Yea, sorry, kind of a shitty translation, but JunJun isn’t making this easy for me you know…  The line with “美国时间” or “American Time” in it is really confusing to me.  I believe it needs the context of earlier events or other posts to make sense.  I think this is related to the last post where she is talking about people talking smack on her.

Edit:  I think this post and the one before it may be talking about people thinking that the fan attack was a publicity stunt, but since I have not seen these other disparaging posts yet this is speculation on my part.



多余的废话不想说.。!也谢谢为我解释事实的宝贝.。清者自清.. 但是我想说的是.一个人去哪在哪这并不能成为我们第三方评论这个人本质的东西.不了解的人没有资格去评论.!不了解还自以为了解的人更没有资格.!不觉得这样说很降低自己吗?!!

(I don’t want to say frivolous things.  Also thanks for listening to my explanation darlings.  “The wise man knows he knows nothing…”  But I want to talk anyway.  A person going here and there and cannot[should not] become a third-party and comment on a person’s qualities.  You will be unable to understand because you lack the qualifications to comment.  You will not understand me; you will be thinking incorrectly because you lack qualifications.  Don’t you think that this type of talk brings yourself down?!!)

She is talking about the phrase”A wise man knows he knows nothing, whereas a fool thinks he knows everything.”  I had a pretty hard time translating this one.  Somebody must be talking smack on JunJun and she doesn’t like it.


2 Responses to “5/29/2012你个…”

  1. kecleon :3 June 4, 2012 at 12:09 am #

    I have no knowledge of the Chinese language at all but the post on the 29th sounds like she’s getting mad at foreigners slandering her, that she doesn’t need to explain what happened on the show to Americans? Or something like that.

    • ketianmingwvu June 4, 2012 at 10:20 am #

      Ah, maybe. I haven’t seen any bad comments about her on her Weibo, so the people insulting her must be doing it somewhere else.

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