Aside 21 May


真的很谢谢所有宝贝们对这次活动的支持与参与.。真的很开心.相信以后还会有更多的这样和大家的互动的机会.大家开心纯纯就开心了哟.再次恭喜在这次活动中抽中的宝贝们..请5位宝贝把自己的真实姓名和详细地址私信给@养乐兔 瑶瑶.我们会尽快将照照发给你们.!每人一套.一套是5张!.虽然有些晚.520.。宝贝们!

(I really have to thank all of the darlings that supported and came to the event.  I’m really happy.  I believe that in the future I’ll have even more opportunities to meet with everyone.  If everyone is happy, then I am happy.  Also congratulations again to the darlings who won the lottery..  To the five darlings, please give your real name, details, and address to @YangYueTu, YaoYao.  We’ll quickly shoot some pictures and give them to you guys!  Everyone gets a set.  A set is five pictures.  Even though it is a little late. Wu Er Ling.  {I Love you}  Darlings!)




(Spaghetti with red wine)


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