21 May



民那桑~在这个特别的时刻,我来跟你们表个白[爱你]没有你们就没有今天的琳琳,谢谢你们的爱~千言万语道不完我对你们的爱,我知道你们懂得[太开心]~I LOVE YOU FOREVER[心] 话说其实520我还有擅自把它理解成我爱琳~哈哈哈[偷笑] 最后祝天下所有cp恩爱到永远[耶]

(Miina san~  At this special moment, I have a special announcement for to tell you.  If I didn’t have you guys, LinLin wouldn’t be who LinLin is today.)  Thank you everyone for your love.  Even with tens of thousands of words I don’t think it would be enough to explain my love for you guys.  I know that you guys understand.  ~I LOVE YOU FOREVER.  In actuality “Wu Er Ling” {I Love You} I, without permission, read those numbers as “I love Lin”~ Hahaha.  Lastly, I hope everyone at “cp” will have love forever.)

今天 16:44 5/21/2012


(How’s my horoscope today?!  Should I go to buy a lottery ticket today?  Hahaha)


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