19 May


(You know, A lot of the time some people will ask me questions about things I don’t have a connection to.)


(Over time, I become disgusted by these questions.)


(Is this important?)


(Is it because the problems within those  four years

(A text message?!)

当第一 次眼睁睁的看见离开’

(At the first time I day-dreamily watched you leave.)


(This type of love pain and pain from not giving up will make people understand that person who left me has how much of an important place within my heart.)


(As long as we are under the same sky.)


(And are still breathing)

我就知道我们就没断开 过

(I know that we won’t sever our connection.)


A post soon after:


(“Real Adult Relationships Are Built On Compromise” Apparently I’m still not mature enough. I’m going to sleep. Night.)


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