14 May

This is my blog’s URL: https://mogenchengfanyi.wordpress.com/

It is at this blog that I will post translations from Weibo blogs, namely LinLin and JunJun’s blogs.

I will start from a post by LinLin on May 14th 2012:


(When I look at the message that was left says “When I think about the LinLin that was on that TV program when she was little and see how big she has gotten, I don’t know why but I want to cry.  These ten years that have gone past, still remember yourself.


(When I was nine years old did I think I would be struggling for twelve years already?)

自己最幸福的收获就是 能够有你们的陪伴。

(My happiness is being able to enjoy you guys accompanying me.)


(Sometimes I think, the space between fans and performer’s feelings amount to what in the end?)


(Actually I think besides family members, we also seem like a married couple.)


(I don’t want to make an extravagant demand, like love me forever.  But, I just want you to never leave.)


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